immediate progress

Immediate progress in primary care

How can primary care escape from a spiral of decline - a future of staff burn-out and further declines in patient confidence?

In this paper Aiming for Health Success points to a different future: how expansion in the use of new technology can not only improve access, but also free up time for continuity of care. It can also open the way for immediate action on how integrated care can improve outcomes. 

by Professor Nick Bosanquet and Andrew Haldenby

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Greater use of e-consultations can be vital to improved patient experience and health  outcomes, as well as clinician productivity and job satisfaction. It can also be a key  resource for the second generation challenges of improving care for patients with long  term conditions and outcomes for local populations.

In the next five years primary care will have the key leadership role in the expanding  range of services closer to home. There could be a new era of local NHS services and  achievement.

In 2022, Aiming for Health Success was commissioned by eConsult to produce an  independent research paper on the impact of e-consultations at the practice and local  health economy levels