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Cardiff and Vale’s Dermatology clinic could shave 18 years off their waiting list using eConsult’s specialist triage.

You need to rely on safe, clinically-developed triage technology to enhance efficiency and quickly identify the most at need patients. 

Cardiff and Vale needed a toolkit for flexible, efficient and clinically safe remote patient management at scale, so we’ve worked with them to:

Identify and remove appointments that are no longer necessary.

  Safely divert clinical situations that have worsened and needed more urgent attention elsewhere.

Unlock efficiency gains by gathering more specialist history information in the patient’s own time ahead of their appointment.

eConsult specialist is commissioned across 40 specialties and we are always on the lookout for trust innovation partners willing to co-create new templates with us for their service areas and pathways.

If you would like to find out more about how specialist triage works, or you would like to work with us to develop more specialties, please let us know.

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